Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Mars in Libra:
The Master of Impressions

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Again, I will start by repeating that according to traditional astrology, Mars is in detriment in the starsign of Libra. The first impression created by this phrase is that the planet might not work very well in the context of the horoscope, to have difficulty in becoming a focal point for the distribution of the energy it is responsible for. This couldn't be farther from the truth. A detrimental planet operates very well, forcefully sealing the cases of the house/s which concern it but also the expression of the aspects or systems of aspects it forms with other points of the astrological chart. In the case of detriment though, we could expect a somehow unorthodox operation. In the particular case of Mars, a planet of focus, extroverted, expressive and clearly self-centred as the instrument which opens pathways for the expression of the Solar principle, things become complicated when it is coloured by the starsign of Libra: a starsign governed by Venus - Mars' polar opposite, and a plain where interest in the Other and their issues, grows abundantly.

So, Mars in Libra's energy is beautified, forsaking its primal vehemence, and the rough, straight, focused and therefore, effective warrior it is, learns something of living room warfare and diplomacy, the effectiveness of sidetracks and right impressions. We may expect that Mars in Libra will have manners and that this will be the manner he will choose to attain his objectives. Solar objectives do not seize to exist and be objectively the same. The process changes however, since the principally egocentric planetary operation here becomes concerned with the impact of tis moves and the theatre of impressions while implementing its goals. Let's not be fooled. Mars will fulfill its operation and distribute the energy it is responsible for. In Libra though, it will burden the inner workings of the person on whose natal chart it is to be found, with an ineluctable care that the path it opens does not go through strangers' fields and that it is adequately preened and pleasant to the eye of the chance passerby. I'm referring to the chance passerby because a closer look will show that Mars has merely settled its manner and only to the degree it serves it. Sure, with extra energy cost for the person but in the end ensuring their success in the context defined by their psychological makeup.

This obviously establishes worries that one wouldn't expect the specific planet to create. Maybe that is precisely the greatest cost of this "detriment". A friend whose Mars is in this natal position, jokingly calls himself a "social whore”. Extreme though the phrase may be, it is exceptionally spot-on in describing the backs-and-forths, the acrobatics, the often-more-than-he-would-wish time and effort he dedicates to people and situation in order to have a pleasant aftertaste in managing his affairs, when, I assure you, the rest of the horoscope would gladly pick up a club and hit everyone who would dare stand in his way or just not care. Nevertheless, this particular friend is both extremely successful and in the end, reaps the fruit of his swings and dilly-dally. However, I should stress he is a rather well integrated personality and has the wisdom to comprehend his need for harmonic relationship and balance it out with the need to fulfill his own needs. In horoscopes that do not guarantee a central and safe position to the self (positive or negative, harmless or harmful is not under examination here), Mars in Libra can easily become a much larger obstacle, since in the person's effort for the aforementioned "pleasant aftertaste", the person could easily come to doubt his objectives or cancel them out in favour of a pleasant image. It works both ways.

Transiting Mars will enter Libra on 12 November 2015 and remain there until the end of the year, before he continues to Scorpio on 3 January, 2016. Although the nature of Mars in Libra will inevitably bring the issue of relationships to the fore - like every planetary transit through this stasign, we would do well to realise that caring for the other and the "relationship" with the other (besides using the club mentioned above) comes two sizes too small to Martian energy. 

The first thing we may expect is an excessive effort in the field of relationships, often (more often than we'd wish) with separative results, since the social pirouettes and verbal acrobatics fit very few effortlessly. The rest of us who will be called upon to use them, will have to draw the energy required from other, more essential parts of "relating", personal or professional, such as the de profundis expression and in consequence giving the other person the chance to understand us precisely and in depth. The result: superficial and likely ineffective communication which may finally lead to greater riffs in the shape of explosions in our private quarters, when we can no longer take the weight of managing properly our psychological dynamics, prone to doing a wild rain dance within us.