Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Bumpy Ride Ahead:
New Moon in Scorpio
11 November, 2015

Διαβάστε αυτό το κείμενο στα ελληνικά εδώ.

The New Moon of the 11 November, 2015, on the nineteenth degree Scorpio [19°e00'], with ascendant on the first degree Cancer [00°a44’], with coordinates for Athens, Greece, is pointing at two quite separate directions. On one hand, it speaks of a well placed self-knowledge that has brought us closer to becoming conscious of who we truly are, of how our bringing up and our past has effected us and our present condition, but also of how we want the new bases on which we will establish our lives from now on, to be. It also speaks of a brave attempt to re-orientate and revise our goals and activities, and filter the people that constitute our friendly acquaintance. All of these, at great personal cost, with persistent and continuous effort, such as to justify a sense of proximity to the source; that we are very near finding equilibrium, happiness, creativity, pleasure.

However, the other face of this New Moon is rather different and does not mean to let us enjoy the fruit of our labour. At least not before our effort is complete, our action is impeccable, not before we establish ourselves as virtuosos and masters of new ideas, techniques, circles of acquaintances that we have already tasted. This side reminds us that we are still very much at the beginning of this new cycle we are opening and that thinking we have already made it is cute, but somewhat childish.

New Moon,, 11 November 2015, 19.47, Athens, Greece

We will come to realise the above through reversals of the personal and family routine we have striven to set up. Specific events will dictate that we re-orientate our future. They will also show to the door people that we consider very close to us, whom we had thought we could count on, thought family and who came and went  as they pleased. We are similarly going to start telling the sheep from the goats in our extended family, since petty interventions, criticisms and trip ups will come to show and paint a different picture than the one we had in mind. 

In this context, it will become exceedingly difficult to continue perceiving the interventions of third parties in our private space, literal or metaphorical, as harmless. Recommendations will not seem so innocent, but appear as tangible attempts to be shown what we are not doing well and what "is for our own good" on the personal, financial and communication level. This refers to both those who are single and those who have their own family. Where the latter are concerned, extra care is required because if there are children they could well be used as Trojan Horses for all the abovementioned, since children's needs are often met with the help of the extended family. 

With this and that, while under the impression we were steering towards calmer waters, we may find ourselves doubting our career choices and our social stance - doubting the very realisations that up until recently held a promise that everything would be OK in the end. Let's try to avoid this and not yearn for the approval of our familiar environment like insecure children. On the contrary, let's clench our teeth and come to terms with that now, we are the adults in our lives and we must decide what, who, why and for how long. The best way to do it, as this astrological event points out, is to realise that Rome was not built in a day and stop questioning our direction, even if we may need to make more adjustments down the line.

Moreover, we need to take specific action in order to delineate the financial aspects of our career and associated goals. Wednesday's New Moon suggests we have taken but a few steps on our path and that the final goal is still unclear. Putting paperwork, money, needs and available resources in order so as to streamline our plans may sound boring but is a process that in the end will result in our emancipation and reveal the quality of our partners. In this manner, the filtering process will be almost automatic: those who can breathe and move within our new paradigm, will remain.

Clearly the pleasure mentioned above, whose scent we're already picking up but which we cannot yet access, also refers to our love life - currently under the exact same influences. There also, we believed we had cleared the stage and planted very nice things, and were anticipating a crop rich with joy, pleasure and love. Not to say it isn't underway, but any two individuals involved in a game of love, may suddenly realise that their viewpoint on world, society and how they wish to appear in these contexts - from socialising with their friends, to their beliefs and the preferable way of entertainment, are not as close as love had them believe.

A single recommendation: let us not barricade ourselves within our castle of the familiar. Let's acknowledge that love always entails some risk. That is, if the people in question are determined to fall in love as their true selves and not as an imaginary portrait crafted in the course of their lives. In other words, let's allow the upcoming changes open us up, take away from or add to the "ideal" image we have moulded in our phantasy and pursued with all our might; to show us adjacent fields, to let our very own spaces show - they are already fighting to emerge. Let's be honest even if our true image is not yet as we would wish it. All in all, sacrificing the present to any past or future is a major faux pas. A more narrow-minded or stubborn position will succeed in keeping appearances up for a very little while, before it results in the collapse of the entire attempt at a relationship. The superstructure will not have undergone the adjustments required to sustain the tectonic shifts at the foundation.

Here, we are called upon to chose whether we will grow, expand and open up to hold everything we wish and push out what we don't need, or throw away the compass we have found, letting ourselves wander aimlessly in hope for the sight of a familiar port at some indefinite point. I wholeheartedly recommend the former, be it with fear, be it with passion. In any case, at some point we also ought to assert our authority over this last disastrous pair.

 *Wednesday's New Moon will mostly be felt by those born at the end of the second decanate and the beginning of the third decanate of the fixed starsigns: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, as well as by those born on the first days of the cardinal starsigns: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. The exact nature of the influence of any astrological event on a person can be discerned only through the study of their personal natal chart, and cannot be replaced by any general analysis.