Saturday, 6 June 2015

Neptune Retrograde:
Dreams On Hold or In Action?

Διαβάστε αυτό το κείμενο στα Ελληνικά εδώ.

Time to dry your tears
Arm yourself with your dreams’ corrosive essence
And mercilessly dissolve reality
To finally make way for them

This transit of Neptune through Pisces promises a thousand beautiful things: the chance to perceive the unity of greater wholes, to let the most romantic idealism flood our being, to conceive the most delicate artistic expressions of ourselves, to feel the spirituality of forgiveness and love, to commune the sweet wine of piety. What it doesn't promise is that all these will at some point leave the abstract fields of our emotion and mind and manifest in our reality. When not, they will easily become bitter disappointment and sorrow over unfulfilled dreams, unrequited love, lost masterpieces, mankind's enduring troubles, lack of pleasure in life and - at any cost - escape from it - with alcohol, drugs, narcotics, superficial and loud entertainments. Easy come, easy go.

It is clear that the energies distributed by Neptune through the starsign it governs, Pisces, are particularly potent, so its retrograde motion comes to regulate their flow and make our contact with earth and our work with the reality outside our heads, easier and more productive. Nevertheless, the five months of Neptune's retrograde motion, which start on Friday 12 June and end on 18 November 2015, by no means aim at making the planet's gifts appear like utopias and Chimeras.  Quite the opposite actually; they are pushing us to consider how we will turn these dreams into our eutopia. 

The sounds of the abstract, the transcendental, the sensed, multiply so vividly with Neptune's transit through Pisces that suffice to turn the attention of an entire humanity to that which is neither tangible nor material, albeit remains a determinant for mankind's existence. The deepest layers of ourselves emerge through the rising tide of routine tasks and worries, demanding our attention, as persistent as a drop of water that could eat up a rock. We have already been acquainted with this process, and only our natal chart and our evolutionary point could clarify what we would choose to do with it: ignore it and become the victims of sorrow and agony about what would have happened had we opened the door, or gradually release the deluge, aware that we we will have to fight with the waves but in the end see the external and esoteric plains of our lives become a white canvas upon which to build ourselves anew, as someone better than before.

In any case, we are living on Earth and our existence requires the successful pursuit of material things in order to be complete and happy. Neptune's retrograde motion doesn't come to let practical worries rob us of our secret spaces, and smash our hope for the best. It interrupts our abstract visualisation and in retrospect conception of thousands of imaginary dialogues, actions and solutions for a while, so that we may focus on our current condition; not to re-engage in the barren repetition of what we've always been doing, but to re-examine to what extent, how and which of our dreams can be realised. It urges us to stop waiting for the dawn of a new era and start pulling aside the blinds to make it visible.

It is of the utmost importance to remember that the coming five months are not a time (no time is!) to abandon our dreams of a better anything. They are however a time to submit our dreams to a reality and reason check, and work to remove the obstacles, which are now making visions seem unattainable. It goes without saying that it will be a process of selection. Some aspirations will remain unattainable, no matter how hard we may be willing to work for them. Others however will just seem within reach when we let ourselves believe that we deserve something better. On to these, we must hold with everything we've got and not let go for a moment, no matter how worn out we may feel by past disappointments, no matter how injured our ability to hope and assert ourselves may be. Regardless of how much I wish to become a child prodigy of classical music, I no longer am ten, but I most certainly can learn how to play any musical instrument I want, provided I decide to.

We may have the sense that a heavy veil has been lifted off of some parts of our life, and suddenly feel like fools for what we have done and believed regarding. Again, I advise caution: no matter how foolish, flippant and naive we may feel, it would be wise not to throw out the baby with the bathwater. The years of childhood, with all their foolishness, flippancy and naivety are of the most creative and optimistic of our lives, when we - almost without an exception, believe we can change the world. Or at least our life. Let's remember that.

The influence of Neptune's retrograde motion, from 12 June to 18 November, 2015, in Pisces, will mostly be felt by those born on the last days of Pisces' first decanate, as well as the Geminis, Virgos and Sagittariuses born on the last days of their starsign's first decanate. However, only the personal natal chart may provide specific information regarding the influence of any astrological transit on a person, and can under no circumstances be substituted by any general analysis.