Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Mars in Cancer:
A Boiling Cauldron

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Today, transiting Mars has moved to the starsign of Cancer, where it will remain until 9 August, when it will pass onto Leo. Traditional astrology considers Cancer the starsign of Mars' fall. But what does this really mean? Certainly not that the planet suddenly suffers a crisis and ceases to emit energy or starts emitting different or less energy.

If we consider things on a basis free from the prejudice of earlier eras of mankind and full of questions that have something to do with our present conditions, we may venture to attempt a slightly different approach. In her Esoteric Psychology, Alice Bailey makes the following statement:

One point I feel the need definitely to re-emphasize and that is the necessity, when considering the human being and his expression and existence, to remember that we are really considering energy, and the relation or non-relation of forces.[...] We are considering related units of energy, functioning in a field of energy; 

A planet's passage from one starsign to the next, in reality is the change of filter - that every starsign is - through which the specific energy of the planet reaches Earth and consequently Humanity and every person. In this context, every planetary placement is different, since every starsign, as a filter, withholds or facilitates specific qualities of the planetary energy. Still, I find it hard to undersign that some positions are better or worse than others, since in reality they all just create variable conditions and call for distinct management to have the best possible result. But they can have the best possible result. So, let's take a look at Mars in Cancer, free from the prejudice of its fall in this starsign. 

The energy of our sanguine-coloured neighbour is dynamic, expressive, passionate, mostly unconscious, reactionary, decisive, final. It can easily be focused into a beam that could pierce structures, people, ideas, circumstances. As such, it is primarily considered extroverted, centrifugal. Think of a Roman soldier wearing a helmet, riding forward on a black horse to overcome an obstacle, screaming and with a face distorted with fury and determination. His lance flies to open new paths for the distribution of his personal energy to the environment: through people, structures - mental or real, through any abstract or specific thing that may be standing between him and the domain of his aspiration. 

The energies of the planet Mars often ride the mare of emotion and seek to trigger the expression of energies that grow in the periphery of the circle of every person's interests. What I mean to say is that Mars-related action doesn't concern - at least for the average person - the expression of a central, conscious being but is often a reaction to the sting of random outer stimuli. It seeks to protect man by expressing - possibly in an erratic and graceless manner - unused dynamic which would otherwise pile within the person and create imbalances of all sorts. This unused material doesn't pertain to man's conscious pursuits but is the continuous creativity of a being that never ceases to create, even in his ignorance. He creates emotions, thoughts, concerns, phobias, enthusiasms, joys and whatever else one could imagine. In the end, with all its fair and unfair consequences, Mars' activity may principally regard the protection of the organism. 

In Cancer, the Roman guerrilla that we all potentially are when riding our crude emotion's horse, is in no particular mood to work on imprinting himself and his desire onto the world. Maybe he is transformed to the last strip of every Lucky Luke comic book, where the "poor, lonesome cowboy" is slowly riding towards a majestic sunshine, always, on horseback. This strip generates mixed feelings: the heavy quiet of a finished battle, the restoration of a relative balance and the dying down of carrying out external actions, which creates the space for the "poor, lonesome" rider to direct his attention within.  

Mars' action in Cancer is something like that. This particularly effective energy turns to the domain of Cancer's interests: our private spaces, the fundamental and mostly unconscious beliefs for ourselves and the world, our inner becoming and yes, naturally, our emotions. Mars in Cancer offers us the opportunity to turn the planet's energies as a well-sharpened Katana, to our gut and bowel of our being, not to take our own life but to take nebulous uncertainties off of our life and pursue clear inner goals.

In this framework, Mars in Cancer could easily become painful, like any penetrating energy, but also liberating like the sword that will cut through inner Gordian Knots. It will most certainly magnify the personal to the limit, be it belief, emotion, perception, desire, easily making us extremely objective and consequently vulnerable to what is external, unfamiliar, strange. The clarity of our own aspiration will make anything that doesn't agree with it, hostile. The fierceness of the reaction that we may launch against the person or situation that we believe intruded our personal space, would only be comparable to the pain caused to us by the comment, deed, stare that came our way and reached our soft psychic tissues much quicker by following the straight path that Mars in Cancer is now opening towards our innermost desires, but also our innermost treasures. 

These days, we would be wise to try and stay in touch with what we are inclined to activate within us depending on the outer stimulus. Mars in Cancer may often omit expressing its gratitude for life's beauties and joys because it needs time to recover from the procedures that push it to inner action. Inner pleasure increases but outer expression of gratitude, enthusiasm, admiration suffers and may even be considered redundant after such intense inner reactions. Nevertheless, let's strive to attribute a fraction of what we are experiencing to the source of the stimulus, at the right time - straight away. It will benefit communication much more than lengthy speeches in the aftermath.  

Similarly, anger, frustration, resentment, disappointment, which are also facilitated by the aforementioned mechanism, will tend to stun the person experiencing them and prevent a balanced re-action at the right moment but guarantee an extreme reaction in retrospect and probably at the pretext of a stimulus irrelevant to the original source of the emotion. Here too, the solution remains the same. We need to stop gaping and catch the chain reaction we are preparing to launch (and could easily reach back to our infancy) at its beginning and express it plainly and directly. In this manner, we will be saving ourselves endless hours and days of regurgitation and inability to act, as the moment will have then passed.

Mars will form quite a few aspects during his transit through Cancer. Its triangle to Neptune at Pisces (9 July 2015) and the sesquisquare to Saturn at Scorpio (14 July 2015) come to seal the second week of July. Neptune in the mix, makes for excessive sensitivity, turning our inner world soft as clay. However, precisely when we believe that one may die of feeling something awful or wonderful so intensely, we will also be prepared to adopt positions of unprecedented harshness either towards ourselves or others, for the sake of immovable goals, beliefs, ideas and people. It would do good to remember that in reality the end never justifies the means and that no truly worthwhile cause ever calls for dubious means.

In the third week of July, the torch is passed on to Mars' opposition to Pluto in Capricorn (15 July 2015) and Mercury's conjunction to Mars (16 July 2015). Here, intention can easily become manipulation, psychological and verbal, aiming at cancelling out the opposite person for the sake of own desires or, in a much more preferable scenario, at cancelling out a pseudo-self for a more real one. The truth is that with subjectivity already ignited by the previous week's aspects, things are not easy. A fertile approach would be to examine everything on the basis of reason and facts rather than lending weight to our emotional subjective response. Yes, I may have cried over the fact that his tone was drier that usually when he said "hi", it is my prerogative, but asking him to explain himself regarding borders on the unreasonable, unless I have additional, more apparent events that also demand some explanation. 

The end of the month had better not found us repressed because Mars' square to Uranus at Aries (25 July 2015) and its sesquisquare to Neptune in Pisces on the last day of the month, will create an alluring background inviting us to throw anything repressed within at everyone and anyone, all the while feeling sorry for ourselves for having been forced to do so. To avoid or moderate this unpleasant circumstance we had better striven for the simple and careful expression of whatever we have triggered inside us, the moment it is happening.  

In any case, completing its course in Cancer and through the triangle it will form to Saturn at Scorpio (6 August 2015), Mars will give us the chance for constructive auto-critique, lending a sense of specificity and clarity to our internal drama. Let's fight to stay in the present and give a little (even a very little) of what it helps us learn and find in our misty self, back to the world. Let this triangle seal the joy of the revelation that we can still be amid our sensitivity, and in fact, be stronger than ever. 

Mars' transit through Cancer will mostly be felt by those with Sun or significant astrological pointers in the watery signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, as well as in Aries, Libra and Capricorn. However, let it be noted that planetary transits and aspects create the special circumstance within which we all move. Apart from that, only the analysis of the personal natal chart can provide accurate details on events and on how each of us could better navigate any astrological occurrence.