Monday, 1 June 2015

To the Harmful Past:
Full Moon in the Gemini-Sagittarius axis
2 June, 2015

Για να διαβάσετε αυτό το κείμενο στα Ελληνικά, κάντε κλικ εδώ.
Princess - Knight ΙΙΙ, Marianna Katsoulidi
Tuesday's Full Moon, with ascendant on the 26th degree Scorpio - with coordinates for Athens, Greece, directs our attention to our love and work relations. It doesn't disappoint expectations associated with the dual character attributed to the starsign of Gemini, tearing us between the weariness accumulated due to past mistakes, and the fear preventing us from escaping familiar choices precisely because past injuries make us - plainly - "twice shy".

The frustration of the past is reinforced by an overall feeling of fatigue which intensifies unconscious fears and tests our faith in our standard preferences. Contrary to what one would expect, instead of pursuing our deliverance from this unwanted triplet, we allow it to bind our potential for creative action in both professional and personal relationships. In the workplace, it makes us swing between obstinacy as a defensive mechanism, and complete lack of self-confidence and trust in the ideas and work that must be done in cooperation with others. The desire to excel in the workplace and draw attention to oneself is lost, since it tends to be capped by the - ongoing - difficulties in communication, and by pessimism.

Full Moon, 2 June, 2015, 19:18, Athens, Greece
In personal relations, the frustration - fatigue - fear triplet hinders the ability of single people to fall in love - albeit they wish to do so now more than ever - with a defensive egoism which makes them able to project all the frustration associated with past loves onto new acquaintances, and justifies an excessively defensive stance since they suddenly come face-to-face with all their deepest emotional fears. For those already in a relationship, things are slightly different, since for them it is - widespread, let's not forget it - financial difficulties which reinforce uncertainty and obstruct the means generating pleasure, given that we live in a culture that still has a long way to go before successfully re-adapting its notions of plenitude and satisfaction.

There most definitely is a way to put an end to the agonising fluctuation between frustration over what is known and fear of trying something new. We should start by convincing ourselves that change is possible. This cause will not be furthered by stashing every disappointment in our mind's darkest cornet and allowing it to make us vulnerable to behaviours which don't suit us. We had better directed our attention to what we have suppressed and tried to bring it to light and understood it so that it may cease affecting us. If we cannot do it alone, we should seek the help of an expert.  

Finally, it would be good to fight  this unbearable feeling of loneliness lurking at the end of our consciousness, at all costs, instead of fearing to even admit it to ourselves. The feeling that we are alone against everyone and everything, besides having nothing to do with reality, opens us up to a multitude of behaviours that we would under no circumstances tolerate if feeling well-supported. Nevertheless, if we stop drowning into our own emotions and take a look around, we will see that we are far from alone both in regards to our concerns and the real problems at hand. So let's avoid loneliness either in isolation or in superficial socialisation and amusements, by acknowledging our real concerns and placing them at the basis of any conversation and attempt for relationship, in the place of fake smiles and tiresome tricks deployed by huge and bloodstained egos. 

The Full Moon taking place on the 12th degree Gemini-Sagittarius principally affects the mutable starsigns: Geminis, Virgos, Sagittariuses and Pisces born in the beginning of their starsign's second decanate, and Scorpios and Tauruses of the third decanate, always bearing in mind that only the personal natal chart can indicate the effect of any astrological occurrence with accuracy, and it can under no circumstances be substituted by a general analysis.