Thursday, 19 March 2015

Cocktail of Change as the Antidote
to the party of fear:

Total Solar Eclipse in Pisces
20 March 2015

Μπορείτε να διαβάσετε αυτό το κείμενο στα Ελληνικά εδώ.

The total solar eclipse which takes place on Friday 20 March, 2015, at 11:36, Athens, Greece, at the last degree [29º27'] of Pisces comes to take humanity's current fears regarding the loss of the familiar, to the limit. It thankfully also stresses the liberating call for change, even as a last resort.

A solar eclipse is always a new Moon; a new micro-cycle in the way we choose to allow habits, automatic behaviours and solid beliefs colour how we manage what we really are and our present, very real potential.

In the event of a new Moon, these two factors cooperate in greater harmony and result in our unconscious potential filtering our present, conscious abilities. For example by automatically indicating the best course of action to date as the optimum channel for our energy. In the event of a solar eclipse however, automatic behaviours claim the stage so forcefully that they tend to overshadow present real potential.

Invisible Wisdom, Marianna Katsoulidi
The past is in all certainty dead, albeit its memory, and the patterns forged in its duration continue - to the degree we permit, and principally unconsciously - to determine the frame of our action prior to its definition by any other exoteric or esoteric factor. 

The process triggered by an eclipse is not essentially harmful. It simply increases the special weight of fears relating to past negative imprints, but also of inherent talent, so that qualities considered either negative or positive, exert noteworthy pressure on the real, conscious idea of who we presently are.

I would like to emphasise that there are more than one ways to handle any astrological occurrence. I hope it is clear that despite the pressure exercised by the upcoming eclipse - already felt - there also hides in its midst a truly great opportunity. There is no better antidote to fear than knowledge. It is our understanding that the processes of the unconscious lie beyond our grasp, but for their results in our life and those only after willing and careful observation and analysis. But not during eclipse periods.

Pisces, Vivsters
In eclipse periods the operation of our automatic nature reaches such a climax that the only thing required to become aware of it is to decide to take a look, instead of drowning in desperate reactions to facts, situations and apparently unavoidable psychological conditions. And what a gift this is! We have the unique chance to see in action that which has been responsible for great successes and failures of ours so that we may finally intervene effectively in regulating it!

In his book The Wheel of Significance (1936),  Dane Rudhyar chooses the following Sabian symbol for the last degree of Pisces: "a seer's dream now lives: a face carved into huge rocks". It attributes to it the quality of "creative, transcendental activity", clarifying it as the "eventual manifestation of all highest poetic images and enduring truths of the race", as the "sure culmination of effort".

Total Solar Eclipse, 20 March 2015, 11:36, Athens, Greece
The significance of the above increases if we consider that the ascendant of the eclipse's astrological chart for Greece with coordinates for Athens, on the fifth degree of Cancer, makes this Piscean Moon the ruler of the entire chart. It speaks of a badly disposed conservatism and comfort and our ability to restrict our framework of action and expression and to limit our freedom in order to preserve familiar beliefs; of our ability to blindly convince ourselves that such beliefs offer emotional security since they pose no threat to our relationship with our past. In reality they are just guides which we have romantically idolised and continue to honour despite that their guidance may in reality be the very cause of our problem.

The Yod formed by the Ascendant, Venus and Saturn flourishes the imperative need to filter our emotional fears and our "comforts"/emotional-material defences through merciless reason and an operative mind, and move in our routine based on the outcome. Our decisions regarding our finances, the way we handle ourselves and the things that make us happy are in desperate need of a lot of reason and rational thinking and a minimum or no sentimentality and fear. Here, fear is not the caution which saves. Contrariwise it is catastrophic phantasies which we recklessly fuel until we end up making the choices which will secure their realisation.

The Moon and Sun in the tenth house of the eclipse's chart stress the political and social aspect of the above and of our choices, since what we are and what we choose and emit as people ends up shaping the collective framework within which we move.

Pisces, Dimitrosw
Neptune, the dispositor of both the eclipse's Sun and Moon and ruler of the house in which they are positioned, itself in Pisces, in the ninth house, attributes magnificently the dual nature of this starsign's energy. In its negative expression, in unparalleled cooperation with the ascendant and colouring the operation of the Sun and the Moon, it could reinforce the veil of our blindness and sentimentality in order to conceal what the rational mind discerns and dictates; it could limit our thinking space to matters of our close environment in a sense "of anything is fine so long it doesn't concern me". Finally it could enable obsolete but familiar arguments to corrode the demand for an essential and in depth change of the relationships which weave the social fabric, and that man become aware of his social nature and act accordingly, which the Uranus-Pluto square is loudly drumming. Neptune will accomplish that by exaggerating man's sense of isolation, any sense of personal "truth" and in the end by disarming the person and condemning him to lose himself in the perplexing idea of and the need to face alone, a hostile world.

In its positive dimension, Neptune could dress the person's vision of the world and himself in idealism and lend it a humanitarian dimension. It can enable the ascendant, Sun and Moon's energies to push the person to a critical precipice, whence he will dive as deep as it goes into his automatic behaviours, but this time not to salvage ancestral recipes and beloved fears, but to cut to the bone and reach the root foundation that can disperse any insecurity: his identity as one of the billions of members of the human race, as child of Earth and starry Heaven, of heavenly descent, his divine dimension and the ability to influence the things in his life and consequently the life of the collective, hanging at the tips of his fingers. 

All the aforementioned forces are knocking mercilessly on humanity's body and the body and life of each of us. This eclipse is the emphasis on a past ripe with phantasies negative and positive, the summary of where separateness and absolutism have led in the past, the fruit of the catastrophic actions of an individualism devoid of love for the group. But it is also a sunbeam lighting a brighter and clearer vision of our world, a guarantee that our action has specific results in shaping our life and our environment, and finally, a reminder that we are standing at the doorstep of a new age which promises a translucent, radiant future, provided we only take responsibility for our actions as co-creators of our world.