Wednesday, 18 February 2015

A steep learning curve:
New Moon in Aquarius
19 February 2015

Μπορείτε να διαβάσετε αυτό το κείμενο στα Ελληνικά εδώ.

The New Moon that takes place at 29º59' Aquarius, in the early morning of Thursday, 19 February, is laced with optimism combined with an honest effort to highlight reason, and maybe the spontaneity required to make possible a more honest look into matters which hurt and give food to our emotional insecurities. We will try to discuss and clarify the understanding slowly dawning at the back of our mind and suggesting that our personal life requires a good tidying up as we have abandoned ourselves to an automatic mode of operation on several levels and insisted in recipes of doubtful effectiveness just because they came ready and we knew them by heart.

The fear that revising our targets could drastically upset our schedule, won't let us be entirely free of emotion despite our best efforts to act rationally. The realisation that our habits are neither as productive nor as pleasant as they used to be will fill us with worry that we might suddenly be thrown out of our comfort zone, that we might have to reconsider friendships, that we will have to work hard to implement solutions already discernible in the depth of the horizon, precisely because these solutions require a generous amount of sincerity and most of all, great effort. 

This New Moon accentuates the rather steep learning curve that lies ahead of anyone who realises an urgent need to learn something completely new while he still has no idea how he could do that. 

On the upside, the cosmic principles are filling us with optimism - maybe slightly excessive or misplaced - and the belief that the wind of change blowing our way is coming to help us cool down, not break down. In reality, the hardest part that we will have to deal with will be avoiding aggression and selfishness to balance out the emotional insecurities about to surface and resisting to justify people and habit - known to be inadequate - just to have an excuse to do nothing different. Should we fail to avoid such a behaviour, we are going to short circuit the energies disseminated by this new moon within us and end up acting unbending, stubborn and cruel toward the people of our close environment and our significant other.

Ideally we could use the reason, optimism and dynamism of this planetary occurrence to improve the management of our shared finances as well as to "air" sensitive issues relating to our family life and specifically the way it is influenced by the wider circle of relatives, especially if there are money issues involved. Another hot topic that this new moon touches upon is the extent to which the givens in our life facilitate our personal growth and development.

In the job front, the correspondence between creativity - effectiveness - responsibility with monetary gain is going to be much clearer. Proposals that may seem advantageous at first will demand a second and third glance since they will indicate a course not paved with rose petals, but with the need to filter accumulated experience and use it for quick and drastic adaptation to improved working models. 

As long as we arm ourselves with reason and are not intimidated by the hard work required to realise these most necessary changes, the energies of this New Moon will support us and lend us the creativity and faith needed to proceed. If we choose laziness backed by misplaced melodrama regarding our bond with habits and people better left behind, the energies of this Moon will be spent on catastrophe or salvation scenarios which will only serve to blur our vision and delay any necessary action until the problem comes full circle and faces us again demanding resolution.