Sunday, 5 October 2014

Mercury Retrograde:
take a break

Μπορείτε να διαβάσετε αυτό το κείμενο στα Ελληνικά εδώ.

Mecury's retrograde motion is most definitely not the root of all evil. Under no circumstances would any planet's energy aim at perplexing our life but rather at creating the conditions for a more balanced life - even if when under the influence of said energy's culmination, we may be feeling that someone, somewhere is playing a nasty prank on us.

The planet Mercury principally deals with the domain of communication, of dissemination of information, of transportation and movement, and is generally the planetary principle that governs the 'in between' - in between two people, two points, two conditions.

When it is in direct motion - that is most of the time - it operates as a cohesive energy, and depending on the aspects it forms with other transiting planets and naturally with our birth chart, it 'oils' or hinders specific domains of our life.

Now, when it turns retrograde, it essentially demands a break from our routine or better, from our notion of how our routine should ideally unfold.

As modern people, in our majority we live in cities, a fact that by itself sharpens the disengagement of our daily lives from the natural rhythm. By natural rhythm, I imply nothing other than the rise and setting of the Sun, temperature fluctuations and generally a way of living which is regulated to a considerable degree by what the natural environment dictates. In societies which lived at a greater proximity and harmony with nature, the notion of periods of intense activity succeeding periods of rest and vice versa was simply a given; but not in the life of modern man.

Nevertheless, even by employing our common sense we realise that everyone and everything performs better when they have the chance to rest every once and a while. This is precisely what Mercury retrograde comes to remind us.

In some fashion, the retrogression of this planet turns the switch of outer life off. The reason is that it wishes to give man a preface to put the hustle and bustle of his activities on hold - sometimes entirely preventing their smooth execution - so as to close his eyes, take a breath, realise precisely where he is and how he has arrived there and of course consider his next step.

 Le mauvais génie d’un roi, Giorgio de Chirico
Clearly, factory production lines don't come to a halt and flights are not postponed for the duration of Mercury's retrogression. However, their operation is enriched with anecdotal occurrences which kick man - each one of us - out of his robotic operation mode and force him to return to the "here and now" and deal with the situation at hand. This is an additional lesson taught by retrograde Mercury: the reminder that we are not automatons, that there is a whole world happening around us and a spectrum of infinite correlations unfolding, even when we are stuck in traffic.

If we manage to remember that, during the periods of Mercury's retrograde motion, occurrences require of us that we slightly shift our point of perception and meddle in what we usually ignore, we may be able to avoid aggression, disappointment and misunderstandings which we customary experience during these few months a year.

It is hard to remember this - and even harder to do it - when detailed plans go haywire, technology fails to cooperate and delays become the rule. The point is though that the planet invites us to become smarter than our mechanical mind and stronger than our habits so that we may ignore or face the diversions created by all sorts of "adversities" with a mindframe of "that's life"  and search with intense curiosity for what's happening around and within us at that moment.  

Contrary to the prevalent belief, any activity that aims at redressing our inner world, at recapitulating the past and transforming it into ground for new beginnings, at closing overdue situations, but also the insistence in remaining in the present, comprise a whole that is not restraint, rather facilitated, by periods like the present one. That is the reason why we are so often brought face to face with what we have left for "later". Regarding all that remains now, the axioms "silence is gold" and "the only constant in our life is change" constitute sufficient indications for the person that is determined to be well No Matter What.

In the end, the greatest gift bestowed by Mercury retrograde is nothing other than greater self-knowledge and in consequence  more power (no matter that this word has near become taboo). All knowledge is power, and even more so a deeper knowledge of the self, which creates the conditions for better self-management so that in the future we may not be fooled by similar tricks of the planetary authorities. Even more so by the tricks of any given world or political authorities. I believe it's worth it.

Mercury will be in retrograde motion in the starsigns of Scorpio and Libra from 4 until 26 October, 2014.