Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Appearances are deceiving:
Total Lunar eclipse on the Libra-Aries axis
8 October, 2014

Μπορείτε να διαβάσετε αυτό το κείμενο στα Ελληνικά εδώ.
The night of Enitharmon's joy, William Blake

The most important astrological happening of the day - the week in fact - is the total lunar eclipse which takes place at 13:50, Athens time, on the Libra - Aries zodiac axis.

Total Lunar Eclipse, 8 October 2014, 13:50, Athens, Greece

Eclipses, contrariwise to the beliefs or better the superstitions of the ancient past and some modern sects, do not constitute the mark of divine wrath and "tragic" fate. There is no need to face them with fear, agony and fatalism (speaking of which, there is no need to face anything so). They most definitely are periods of high voltage and as such they customary bring significant or noteworthy events. Whether their influence will turn out to be positive or negative for each person depends on many factors and first and foremost on said person's degree of self-knowledge and ability to manage the self and consequently any inner or outer event.

Clearly, the astrological chart of the eclipse will outline its specific qualities. Its comparison with any personal natal chart will clarify further how each person will receive these energies and how he will eventually earth-exploit/waste them in his life.

Today's eclipse is a powerful plead for change; change on a fundamental level for each of us, change in practice. The intense concentration of planetary energies on the Aries-Libra axis opens issues which pertain on how far I can finally pursue my own needs in the expense on the needs of others. At the same time it touches upon the opposite side of the coin: the how long I can bear suppressing my true (as opposed to the "real") needs in order to satisfy one or more social conventions.

This particular notion shows its face in many ways in the astrological chart of today's eclipse and those who have some knowledge of astrology will take pleasure in seeking out the patterns.

I would personally like to underline that this astrological occurrence harbours the risk of believing that we are operating radically and re-writing our personal story, while in reality we are merely showcasing in a most violent, separatist and absolute manner our automatic behaviours. I'm referring to nothing other but the manner in which we have been "brought up" in any given situation - regardless of how seriously we should really take an adult person - ourselves included - who insists in using "upbringing" (and unconsciously implying the stage of his maturation process) as a valid argument for his actions till the end of days.

This astrological event speaks of the need to re-orientate our needs by means of considerations and thinking which are informed by our own philosophical thesis and viewpoint in life; it speaks of experimentation on a novel thesis. Novel in the sense that it constitutes a whole comprising of ideas and notions which we ourselves have processed spherically, and are therefore suitable to help us approach the end of our existence and our true, personal goals, practically, in a social context. It speaks of a group of needs which helps us expand and become more creative and happy in serving it. For this reason, the eclipse will facilitate (it is already facilitating, the influence of lunar eclipses stretches far longer than that of our usual Full Moon) circumstances which will give us the chance to face old patterns in new ways, if we want.

Nevertheless, it is true that the principal trend and the carrot that we'd better avoid chasing will be that of a feeling that our emotional security is draining in all our exchanges. We will immediately be tempted to react automatically, with anger, violence and a dividing intent to ideas, people and situations which in reality act as the levers that will bring to the surface new ideological structures destined to support our true needs. We may be under the impression that we are rebelling and getting angry to safeguard what we trully are, when in essence we are more than ever dominated by unconscious fears, and striving to furiously deconstruct that "weird" thing which is unsettlingly familiar and right and fertile for all manner and purpose.

My advice, if we are to do anything, is to focus on spotting the real root of our worry and upset. To ponder on how much these patterns/givens/habits/needs for which we are ready to destroy something that makes as happy to our core at moment's notice, are still "our own"

Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?, Paul Gauguin

In the end, we will most definitely benefit from the eclipse if we accept its invitation to remain essentially conciliatory without becoming obsequious and feckless, and investigate the matter of the needs that we express on the level of relationship, so that we may understand which part of us we strive to satisfy on every occasion.

Is it the part that aches to come of age and find joy and achievement in practice by walking its own personal path with respect for others? Or is it the infantile part which will violently defend its "upbringing" and its right to irresponsibility and dependence regardless of the cost for its Self or others?