Thursday, 30 May 2013

Mars in Gemini
The One Hundred Handed One

Μπορείτε να βρείτε αυτό το κείμενο στα Ελληνικά εδώ.

"In my youth," said his fater, "I took to the law,
And argued each case with my wife;
And the muscular strength, which it gave to my jaw,
Has lasted the rest of my life."

                                                          Lewis Carroll

Upon its entrance in the air star sign of Gemini, Mars changes decisively its tune, and finds a more suitable environment to return to action, be it as it may just mental action or action scattered in the four points of the horizon, at once. This transit accentuates the need for extroversion and communication; the need to go out and mingle with other people, to share whatever comes to mind, to sample the effect of new conversations, ideas and partnerships; to lightheartedly – even naively – adopt different approaches to things, and the same as lightheartedly abandon them, for the sake of something else. Mars’ energy filtered through the starsign of Gemini favours expansion. On a first reading, it does not care in the least to explore in debth but only attempts to incorporate anything that shines from a distance. The moment it ‘seizes’ the pulse and character of the new, something newer has caught its eye and it feels compelled to start towards it. 

It is clear that Mars here is complete with an insatiable thirst for novel experience, knowledge, people, for perceiving wider groups. It is a public relations maître in danger of being labeled skin-deep, and maybe not particularly effective where focus and persistence are in order. Nevertheless, its curiosity will push it to try anything that will tickle its fancy, with the optimism and certainty of an adolescent certain of his invincibility. It’s not necessary that he is proven right. He may suddenly find itself in beyond its depth. But, precisely its lack of ambition to dominate and essentially conclude any project it may meddle in, grants it the strength to leave anything it doesn’t suit it behind with characteristic ease, for the next target or targets.

From 4 until 12 June, Mars will square Neptune in Pisces. The game opens up to the very different and essentially far more demanding watery energies of the latter. At the same time, from 7 until 9 June, Mars will form a quincunx aspect (150°) with Saturn from Scorpio. During this period, it is expected that the pursuit of novelty will mix with chimaeras and utopias and lead to dubious psychological pathways, where things take on several readings, and the simple primary objective loses its clarity and makes the person feel as if he is wandering hazy labyrinths. Both Neptune and Saturn aim at raising the bar for personal aims. The former so that personal aims resonate with something beyond the satisfaction of strictly personal needs and Mars in Gemini’s nearly self-abusive need for communication. The latter ‘seals’ the aforementioned demands, requesting solid deeds instead of just words. Failing to comply with their requirements waters down the enthusiasm over quantity and speaks of a vivid feeling of pointless wandering that we may easily try to gag with excess and emotional drama. Simultaneously, these aspects create the conditions whereby we may once again feel immature and insufficient in facing the fact that our enthusiasm does not suffice to procure results unless we are prepared to invest the necessary time and effort.

This week will most certainly be a parenthesis to Mars in Gemini’s kaleidoscopic action, but it is useful as a reminder of what one is to expect when he is thoughtlessly drifting in this transit’s razzmatazz of superficial experience, without keeping a truer goal at the back of his mind. So, let’s dance; with many different partners and in as many tunes as we can, albeit always remembering that our final goal is to strengthen and expand our technique. It is not dance for the sake of dance, and music for the sake of music.