Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Venus Retrograde:
"Old sins cast long shadows"

Μπορείτε να διαβάσετε αυτό το κείμενο στα Ελληνικά εδώ.
Edvard Munch, lithograph in black with hand coloring on thick textured tan wove paper

Today Venus becomes stationary and on the 17th it will begin its retrograde course that will last until 27 June. The pink planet commands a large part of the way we manage our relationships. It deals specifically with the manner, in which we judge a person suitable for us, not on the basis of an indeterminable emotional reaction, but rather depending on how many of the boxes in our list he helps us check. After the curtain is lifted and the first spark is lit, Mercury, Venus and Mars enter the scene to see whether the situation is sufficiently safe and satisfactory. The goddess uses its charm to see how many of the things – in terms of matter and soul – we deem necessary, a relationship can offer to us; the greater the number of such things, the greater our enthusiasm and trust. If our very realistic assessment is positive, we find our selves very romantically in love.

Apart from love relationships, Venus meddles in every other kind of relationship too. So, it is involved in our professional partnerships and in our relationship with our self. The issues it touches upon in this framework, concern the give-and-take in the context of relationship with specific people, but also with our image and with the way we choose to project our personality outwards. In the coming period, Venus opens its customary window for reassessment of the past period, in terms of issues familiar to this planet.

Venus in UV, NASA
Imagine Venusretrograde period, as the moment the check arrives at the table of your relationships, and you are asked to examine what you have consumed and how much you will pay for it. Maybe you have maintained a praiseworthy and honest attitude and have fully respected the people you have been and worked with. Maybe you have let many pairs of boots walk all over you, exaggerating the element of self-sacrifice to the point it is justified only if you were actually enjoying being a martyr/victim. Maybe you have been through tough times and could find neither the energy nor the inner resources to deal with anything beyond the satisfaction of your own immediate needs. Maybe you have fully disdained your partner’s needs and become hard and selfish. In any case, the Universe is now putting energy at your disposal and pointing out where you will find the inner resources to support an honest look at what is going on between yourself and others, and to act correspondingly, so as to achieve balance. The balance of Venus is not about altruism, but rather about a proper understanding of the issue of needs in relationships; to pursue the fulfillment of our own needs, comprehending that others also have theirs and to steer clear of trampling them.

Naturally, a period that is universally scheduled for revising an issue is not the best for beginnings in the same context. For that reason, save your energy for a spring mentalcleaning”. The focus will shift to relationships that no longer resonate with you, but are maintained on account of weakness or habit, so that you may actually deal with them. People whom you were with in the past – a relationship that never reached closure – are likely to emerge from nowhere and demand your attention. On the same note, meaningful partnerships – personal or professional – you have honestly invested yourselves in, will now pay off, compensating you for your efforts.

This tone of “settling accounts” makes voluntarily closing your eyes to situations that do not please you, very difficult. Our ability to beautify insufficiency for fear of lack is suspended for the duration of this period. The issue of our relationship with ourselves is touched upon, on this level. The need to see a clear correspondence between the theory and practice of relationship is heavily stirred. If there is abuse, it will now be particularly hard to conceal. If there is excess, it will now be particularly difficult to deny. Grand gestures and eternal promises of love, profit, safety, abundance, are all tried and crack under the test of reality.

Venus retrograde comes to smash the distorting mirror offering false reassurance to us. It calls upon us to take responsibility of whom we choose to reflect ourselves into. It consequently calls upon us to realize that our relationships stem from and express our image of ourselves. Venus gives us the ability to comprehend what is really going on in our partnerships, so that we may take the next step of consciously intervening and selecting a better course. Of course, no matter how much our true reflection may hurt us, it doesn’t seize to be our own, a part of us. It is in our hand, when we have seen it, to change it.

Venus’ retrograde course is very likely to bring a sense of loss, to settle scores, to make you feel unsatisfied, to make you feel that you cannot communicate with your partners. In reality, it urges you to let yourself relax in the flow of its cathartic energy and rid the scene of extras, so that the next act of your personal drama may begin with fewer – maybe – but truer and more useful protagonists.