Thursday, 29 March 2012

Sun square Pluto:
And I was in the dark. And I was the darkness.
When a sunray saw me.

Δείτε το κείμενο στα Ελληνικά εδώ.
Black, Red and Black, Mark Rothko

Today, a perfect square aspect is formed by the Sun and the planet Pluto. This signifies the manifestation of a cosmic condition, when specific types of energy are emitted and influence all of us, regardless of our starsign. The various ways in which we may experience this transit depend on the manner, in which the aspect and each of the two planets forming it interact with our natal chart.

The main principal of our planetary system, the Sun - in the starsign Aries - is in a conflicting aspect to the keymaster of the Universe, Pluto, which is in Capricorn. The energy cocktail blended, is the result of a charged dialogue between, on one hand, a headstrong energy, which - doesn't know why, but still - wants to take the next step now and relish its self-expression in whole, and generally do its own thing, in a spectacular, heroic and – naturally – entirelly unmindful of the consequences, manner. And, on the other hand, a calculating, practical and extremely effective energy, which is also concerned with change, but change with surgical precision and deconstructive intention; an energy not entirelly unmindful of its consequences, but most certainly unmindful of the pain it might cause. 

The good thing is that beneath the superficial friction, there is a common goal. The effect on our mood and routine is a juggle of the two aforementioned situations and of course, a rather apparent ambivalence, which may result in explosions of anger, reinforced with spot-on "acid" remarks aimed at the person or people opposite us. What's positive, is that this situation may cause things that were absolutely necessary, to finally be done or said – admittedly, in a rather blunt manner. What's negative, is that after a few days, we may realize that we could have settled things without causing as much offence to the other party, or that the change caused by our actions or words is both unmanageable and unbearable.

However, bear in mind that depending on your natal chart, you will experience a harsh or not as harsh face of this aspect. You see, the how much each of us needs this type of energy fuel in our lives, right now, definitely varies.