Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The Spring Equinox
and the cosmic see-saw

Εδώ μπορείτε να δείτε το κείμενο στα Ελληνικά.
Fighting Forms, Franz Marc

The Sun enters the starsign of Aries and the primordial fire grasps the baton once more to push the wheel of life towards another cycle. The energies represented by the starsign of Aries (and any other starsign, for that matter) do no restrict their influence to people born under that starsign, but spread to everything and everyone. In Astrology, the arrival of Spring is often used to illustrate precisely this procedure on the level of Nature. However, I was thinking that all such astrological crescendos - at a first glance - seem to be leaving out half of life on the planet, since at the same time, the south hemisphere experiences a diametrically opposite situation: Autumn, which is synchronized with the star sign of Libra, in the north hemisphere.

At that point, the idea of duality in all that regards human life and life in general on this planet, reappeared to sever the mini Gordian knot in my head. My faith in the holistic nature and ecumenicity of Astrology, prevented that I should consider this occurrence an astrological paradox, and was immediately followed by the image of this duality, emerging perfect, in the axes of the zodiac signs. The function of two stars signs bound together in an axis, is clarified in the most exquisite manner, in all manifestations of Nature on Earth.

Namely, a situation or a phase of our life or an event, can never be imbued with, or find its every fold corresponding to the qualities of a single zodiac sign, without containing aspects of the energies of the opposite sign. The goal of life is balance and harmony, and neither can be found at either end of the cosmic see-saw, but precisely at the point of its centre.

Along with the rejuvenating energies and the sparks of wild joy caused just by the fact that we are alive - all revived in the first days graced with clear solar light - there exists, at the opposite side, the unwinding after a frantic ride and the need to take a look around us, and see where the road has taken us. At the star sign of Aries, we find inside us the strength and the psychological resources to begin "anew", with the abandon of optimism and the high-octane fuel that is now pouring into our being. At the star sign of Libra, we find the reminder that our individuality does not seize needing the ability to operate itself and its desires within a framework and among other people. Or else, exactly when our gallop will come to a halt, we may look around and find ourselves in the middle of nowhere, or amidst a perplexed crowd, or having blasted a hole into the dam that others had labored to build, to stop the river that will now wash us away too; no matter whether it will happen on the canvas of a sunlit or a rainy day.

Before we fully surrender our body and soul to the glorious promises of Spring –  or the spring of any condition –  let’s spend a few minutes to gaze upon ourselves and our wishes; see us as parts of a plan, whose complexity and beauty increases, as increase the people forming it and lacing their own “line” with the flounces and frills of their own blazing individuality. Lets have a wonderful Spring!