Wednesday, 13 July 2011


...and so I went on for the following four years, experiencing new situations with brand new people. And I grew, and never missed a single thing of home. I did not miss the endless blue of sea glimmering under the brutal sun. Or the heavy shade of trees at noon, when all is oozing heat. I doubt I thought of sand castles crumpling beneath my bare feet or fingers sticky with watermelon juice, just before I dive and rinse. Of the silver surface of the sea, when underwater you turn your head upside down to see, and blow bubbles and giggle. Then, I suddently did. Now I'm back and thinking of a rhyme which I'd heard long ago and I think, what in my heart is gold, in the end could only have been made so by me.

Here's to friends, and home, and laughs, and hugs, and dance, and drinks but most of all, to the endless, blue, sea.